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We send you analyzed data on how people engage with your content & audio posts so you can extract insights to support your company’s growth.

What do people care most about in your content?
The part where people are more attentive is the part where you can convert leads easier and quicker. Which of course contributes to your company’s bottom line.

What do people have hard time understanding?
If you know what people are struggling to understand in your content you will know how to optimize it for easier understanding and increased engagement with your products.

Where do users come from when they land on your blog?
We analyze what sites drive the most traffic to your blog posts and can tell you which sites you should care most about, so you can optimize your promotions. It could even be sites you never knew have your target market which you can easily reach.

What is the behavior of people who engage with your content?
We inform you on how users actually interact with your content, which parts do they rewind or skip past, where do they pause and resume. We give you an insight to what people actually care about or don’t care about so you can plan accordingly.

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