May 17 2017

Why Converting Your Posts to Audio Will Increase Your Blog Engagement

People don’t want to read, they want to listen.

Why? Because it's tough to read so many articles, blog posts and news nowadays.

In the day to day life, there are these slots of time where you can’t really interact with text or read. Whether it’s when you’re on your daily commute, you’re at the gym, or while walking to and from work.

As a content creator, you can make your content accessible in those time periods, users then will have the choice between hundreds of songs that they’ve listened to for the hundredth time or articles about things that they’re interested in.

So if you help readers listen instead of reading your posts they will do it in more quantity and more often.

Here is the trend, audio consumption increased 75% in the past two two years, people love listening more than they love reading, especially on mobile.

Thus to stay ahead of the curve and match demand for audio with your supply of content you’ll want to make your content available in audio.

The other benefit that you get with audio is distribution: You know how if you have slides you created, you probably want to upload them to SlideShare for distribution purposes, to make the slides available for other people to discover and enjoy? Similarly here you make content you already created available to the general public by uploading (we do it for you) to a library of audio. Increasing your post discoverability, consumption, and traffic numbers to your site (each audio begins with saying the website name).

Your audio will also automatically sync in the car entertainment systems, which is the standard in most new cars.

By giving users a way to consume your content on the go and on their smartphones, you’ll boost engagement and revenue, enhancing your content marketing ROI.

In addition what you get is weekly analytics that gives you insights into how people engage with your content, no more flying blind.

With behavioral insights, you’ll be able to extract intel on what type of content people care about and what you should write more of, which content will convert your leads into customers.  

Nearly all B2B marketers segment their content, with VoxSnap your analytics segmentation will become richer and smarter.

Also, not to forget, by enabling your content in audio, you make it easier for the visually impaired to consume your content, thus you open a whole new set of customers that otherwise might not have come across or been able to consume your content.

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